PedagneMOD upgrade pack Arma 3 v.04 Bug Fixed!

Happy new Year.... and... happy new release of  PedagneMod!

Many fixes and improvement in the version 04 of ours Mod...


- Added McMillan Tac-50
- Added Beretta ARX 200
- Added Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mm
- Added Advanced flight dynamics model 
- New model of silencer 6.5 mm
- New model of silencer 7.62 mm
- Fixed Cargo Drop Script
- Repositioned VTML Driver proxy
- Fixed ARX160 Sounds
- Added EH-101 Copilot proxy
- Added CH-47 Copilot Proxy
- Added CH-47 ramp animation
- Added NH-90 Copilot Proxy
- Fixed NH-90 Proxy
- Improved NH-90 internals
- Improved A-129 Mangusta internals
- New Model of AB212
- New Model of AB412
- Added C-27J Copilot Proxy
- Added C-27J ramp animation
- Improved C-27J Instruments
- Added C-130 Copilot Proxy
- Fixed airplane land contacts points
- Fixed Centauro Commander optic
- Fixed Centauro Loader optic
- Added VCC Commander proxy
- Added Arisgator Commander proxy
- Fixed Ariete Commander view point
- Fixed Ariete Loader view point
- Fixed Leopard Commander view point
- Fixed Leopard Loader view point
- Fixed Sidam sounds

view full changelog on readme.txt

Next step..... ACE_cmpatibility!!

To download the file just go to the download webpage.


PedagneMOD upgrade pack Arma 3 v.01 Bug Fixed!

ASPIDE works on fixing some bugs on the first pack of PedagneMOD for Arma3.

Below the list of bugs fixed:

-          Fixed script Error ?HH variable?.?
-          Fixed C-17J Flap
-          Fixed EFA Flap
-          Fixed Land Rover velocity
-          Fixed Cargo Drop action
-          Fixed Puma 6x6 doors
-          Fixed Sound helicopters
-          Fixed Sound plane
-          Fixed Sound Beretta MAB
-          Fixed a few errors that slipped in the latest patch
-          Added group in the editor
-          Added arx160GL ironsight
-          Added Editor Preview


PedagneMOD upgrade pack Arma 3 v.00 Released!

After an hard work of ASPIDE on units of infantry, weapons and vehicles, PedagneMOD may announce the Release of the first pack of PedagneMOD for Arma3.

This is only the first step and you will find....

The Infantry sections contains Special Forces, Alpini and Lagunari. These are just the first step of the upgrade to Arma 3 of the whole Infantry Units that found into Arma2.

The section of Weapons contains all the weapons of Italian Infantry.

About Vehicles, you will find most used vehicles by Italian Armed Forces of Land and of the Air.

Land section has wheeled, blindo-wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Air sections contains airplanes and helicopter.


 VIDEO  speaks better than tons of words.


Tanks very much for their support on Beta Testing to:















Thanks very much too for the great video, to Twombly of HellHounds clan.

Next steps of upgrade of PedagneMOD to Arma 3 will be the "Progetto Flotta" and other infantry units.

For more informations read the README file where you will find also a folders with the all units of the mod, with class and display name.

Enjoy and don't forget to support the team!

PedagneMOD Total pack Upgrade Released!
New release of the whole PedagneMOD with new units, new weapons, new vehicles, new groups and new, very new, NAVY. ...and new bugs :)
The pack is particularly dedicated to the "Progetto Flotta" and amphibious operations at 360° degree, on sea, on land, on air, on the sea and under the sea!
For more informations READ the README file (excel file) where you will find also a 
folders with the all units of the mod, with class and display name, and where you 
may write found bugs and re-send to us.
Enjoy and don't forget to support the team!

click here to enlarge the image above

To download the file just go to the download webpage
PedagneMOD betaFIX v02.1 Released!
New BetaFix Pack for vehicles of PedagneMOD. Just one week after the previous release, here a new apck that fix some other bugs on some vehicles.
Today, you can find also a Show Missions pack, that allow you to see all vehicles of PedagneMOD (around 100) deployed on the runway of Utes Island's, never put them in editor one by one.
Enjoy and don't forget to support the team!

click here to enlarge the image above

To download the file just go to the download webpage
Sunday 15-04-2012 
PedagneMOD betaFIX v02 Released!

There were tons of bugs that we have fixed.
Just keep in mind that if you can't see them, here, there is the must work!

Thanks to Vilas for the model of M109 and thanks to all guys that have collaborated actively on forums topics.

In this release you find vehicles that you have almost already seen. In the Next release you will found new vehicles, new soldiers, new weapons and new fleet!

To download the file just go to the download webpage
Sunday 04-03-2012
Ciao Lucio Dalla...minchia quanti ricordi legati alle tue canzoni...
Sunday 04-03-2012
PedagneMOD betaFIX v02 Near to Release!
It's near to be release the PedagneMOD betaFIX v02. The subject of this pack will be the vehicles. This second pack fix many bugs and add new vehicles and features that increasing significantly the playability with Combined Operation.
This, will be a release of an intermediate fixing.  There is yet a long way to a full compatibility and a full fixing, consider this release AS IT. This relase will be NOT a point of arrival of our work, but will be only an middle point that the team of Pedagnemod wants to share with community. It is the state of the art NOW.
Wheeled Vehicles:
Addition of dameged wheels feature
Fixed the burned textures
Fixed the steering drivewheel
Addition of FIAT 6614 with the configuration during the Operation "Ibis" in Somalia
Addition of the desert camo on the VTML "Lince"
Addition of the protection of turret on ML "Lince"
Addition of the long range patrol kit on VTML "Lince"
Re-design of geometric proportions on VM90
Addition of loader on Centauro
Re-design of all MG3 turrets
Translation of all user action menů
Tracked Vechicles:
Fixing of bugs on LVTP7 and Aris-Gator
Addition of M109L artillery tank (added also the version with amphibious kit)
Addition of VCC2 with a mortar of 120mm
Addition of loader on Ariete and Leopard
Fixed the burned textures
Translation of all user action menů
Air Vehicles:
Translation of all user action menů
In Photogallery page, in the section of Vehicles of Photoalbum, you will find more images.
Wednesday 21-12-2011
PedagneMOD betaFIX v01 Release!
PedagneMOD team release a first part of a bigger work, started one year and half ago, since the last release in April 2010. The PedagneMOD_A2OA_BETAfix_v01, will be compatible with OA the charcters and weapons. Seems a little work, but just only seems and it is insert in a bigger design of MOD.
Just to speak about the content fixed in this pack:
changed textures of desert DGT (base textures by MASSI)
changed textures of Col Moschin (base textures by MASSI)
changed tone of green on soldiers equipment
changed some kind of combat vest/bulletproof on DGT soldiers
translations (by google translator) of "displayname" strings in english, french, italian, spanish, german, czech and polish (here, will be very much appreciated any feedback by mother tongue gamers)
added compatibility with Operation Arrowhead
added engineer with repair function
added partial compability with backpacks (soldier can use them but won't show on model)
added several units
added 3 extra inventory slots for units showing backpacks in model (15 slots, though only 12 visible)
fixed soldiers loadout
fixed bug on bullets of MG3
fixed bug on Panzerfaust optics
changed content of ammo crates
fixed recoil
fixed problems caused to BIS USMC when using PedagneMOD
Know bugs: some systems gave error on loading .rvmat files of wounds
In the next (and near) future you will find about tha same files:
Full backpacks compatibility
enable of double optics
Over, will follow full compatible vehicles of air and land, and more new vehicles, new weapons as ARX160 that you can see in this photo (WIP version)
and the first part of the fleet of PROGETTO FLOTTA, with one LPD, one frigate and around ten light boats
For all photos, visit the photogallery webpage
To download the file just go to the download webpage


Saturday 17-12-2011
Finally beta-testing for fixed ASZ_PersoneIT, ASZ_Beretta and ASZ_ndd_weapons.
This addons will be compatible with OA.
Fixing config by LUPO


Friday 9-12-2011
Welcome on our new website!





































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